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Platinum #3776

The #3776 from Platinum is a longstanding classic among fountain pens, though still not as well known as it should be outside its native Japan. With its traditional and simple styling, comfortable shape to hold, and legendary nib quality, the #3776 has long been a favourite for many fountain pen aficionados. In recent times, though, it has become far more popular due to some simple, but hidden, changes, inspired by discussions between the current CEO of Platinum, Toshiya Nakata, and many dealers, owners and fans of the company's pens.

Many people told him they had received a Platinum pen, but after inking it, had set it aside for a while. When they returned to use it, the pen had dried up, with ink clogging the feed. Most then gave up on their pen, and were left with a bad impression of Platinum, and of fountain pens in general. Most pen makers thought there was nothing that could be done about this problem, but Toshiya Nakata was determined to find a way. The #3776 Century series appeared, with a special new feature. The inner cap that fits neatly over the nib, to seal it when capped, needed to fit more tightly, so it was made with a spring behind it that would keep it pressed down tightly around the nib, making sure it wouldn’t dry out, even if left for a year or more.

This gave the added advantage that pigment ink, like Platinum’s well-respected Carbon Ink, can be used safely, as the ‘Slip and Seal’ mechanism will prevent the pigment from drying inside the feed.

Along with the original black and gold finish, many new finishes and designs have been added to the #3776 range, including many special editions. The translucent deep red Bourgogne and Chartres Blue pens have been joined by the subtly translucent Black Diamond. The Nice and Nice Pur are inspired by the sea, sand and waves of Nice in the South of France; and the very popular Lakes series has been inspired by the lakes that surround Mount Fuji.

Other special versions of the #3776 have included traditional urushi lacquers, or traditional Japanese gold leaf craftsmanship.

Along with these, we have recently added several styles from their beautifully old-fashioned Celluloid range. Along with its best-known use for movie film, celluloid has also been used for many decades to make pens, as it both looks and feels beautiful, and can be made in a wonderful range of colours and patterns.

Some models have the option of soft nibs, to allow for some line variation with pressure. And if you like fine lines, you'll love the #3776 - Japanese nibs already tend to be quite a bit finer than Western nibs, and not only are Fine and Extra Fine nibs available, but some models even have a Japanese Ultra Extra Fine nib option - an incredibly fine nib! And if you like broad nibs? You're covered there, too, with Broad and Extra Broad (C) nibs, and the special 'Music Nib' pens with extra wide music nibs with two slits for extra ink flow.

Michael Randall

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