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Learning to Write Part 4: Some Common Worries


Writing is such an important skill to learn that it’s not uncommon for parents to worry about how their child is developing. Below we have listed some of the more common writing worries parents have.

Pencil grip

Children may develop a strange pencil grip as they search for a comfortable hold and a way to control their movements. The grip used by young children will usually improve as their hand movements become more controlled over time.

Tip: Try showing them the tripod, or pencil, grip (focus of Part 3 in this series), or providing a triangular or ergonomic pencil or pen from the Stabilo EASY range, to help them develop a comfortable hold.

Back to front letters

Until they become good readers, children have to rely on their memory to write letters. This means that nearly all children will reverse their letters early on, or miss letters out of words.

Tip: Don’t put too much emphasis on their mistakes but heavily praise the letters they do get right.

Children who seem uninterested in writing

Mark-making must be fun for children. There are lots of different ways of making it an enjoyable and creative process and giving praise will encourage them to continue. Criticism on the other hand can put them off.

Tip: Seeing other children, adults and parents writing and mark-making is a great way to encourage a reluctant writer as they will enjoy joining in with others. For early writers, try the Stabilo Woody pencils, and for older children, consider the Stabilo Scribbi pens, for group mark-making activities.

If you have any other tips to encourage early writers, please let us know in the comments section.

Stabilo Scribbi pens are great for group mark making


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