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Hand-Writing Your Wedding Invitations with Tree of Hearts


Yes, we know, it's a bit dark and dreary out there - although the days are getting longer (yes, they are) - but there's light at the end of the tunnel. Believe it or not the wedding season will be on us before you know it, when posh frocks take centre stage and fights over the guest list provide many an evening's entertainment. But why are we talking about weddings? Well, our lovely friends over at Dotty About Paper, your go-to guys for all things wedding, have a few handy hints up their (seed pearl-embroidered) sleeves, and they involve... yes, you guessed it - pens!

It will be an exciting moment for all your lovely wedding guests when their 'Save the Dates' or invitations arrive in the post! Whether your wedding day has been long-anticipated or the news arrives as a pleasant surprise, it's their first peek into the aesthetic you plan on carrying throughout your big day, whether that's a fresh and vibrant springtime vibe, or a cosy and intimate autumn-inspired celebration. Naturally, these first interactions hold a great deal of importance, so - of course - you want to make sure you make the perfect first impression! Why not add that extra special touch by hand writing them? It's a great way of adding that flare of sophistication and creating a timeless, elegant look that should leave a lasting impression on all your guests. And each, of course, will be unique!

The Perfect Handwriting

Now, not all of us are blessed with beautiful penmanship, but if you love the idea of handwriting your invitations and being able to add that really personal touch, there are various ways and means to help you create a perfectly professional look.

  • Take your time! With a task as intricate and detailed as handwriting your invitations, it's crucial to slow down and ensure you enjoy the process
  • Go steady! The key to beautifully-written invitations is a steady hand. So create a calm and relaxing environment for yourself
  • Practice makes perfect! If you're anything like me you're probably dying to dive straight in and get started from pure excitement. Don't! Take a day or two, maybe even a week, to find the perfect formula for your 'save the dates' and invitations. You'll make mistakes - but learn from them, so you get it right when it comes to the real deal!
  • Line up, line up! Pencil in a line guide to help you keep the lines nice and straight
  • Remember SPAG! No, not a certain Italian pasta dish, but spelling, punctuation and grammar. Get them right!
  • Prepare and invest in the right tools. To get the perfect look, you need to make sure you have the ideal equipment to do so. Along with ensuring you have the best quality invitations on beautiful paper, you also need to make sure you have the perfect pen, knowing it will work with you to create a masterpiece!

The Perfect Pen

It goes without saying that with the special occasion that is your wedding day comes the need not just for a significant other, but for a significant writing companion as well. This is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a gorgeous new pen, or it may even turn out to be your first ever fancy pen! However, unless you've used good quality pens before, or have dabbled in the art of calligraphy, you may be a bit stumped when it comes to what constitutes a 'good pen'. Like shoes, the perfect pen for one person is not necessarily the perfect pen for another: what makes it perfect for you depends on your grip, the pressure you apply, the size and style of your writing and also whether you're left- or right-handed!

    • Think ink! You'll want to ensure that the ink you're writing with is ideally suited for the aesthetic and feel of your invitations. It should glide smoothly from the pen, allowing for a beautiful, romantic style.
    • Comfort over style... Whether you're planning a smaller and more intimate wedding, or you're organising a celebration on a grand scale, there's going to be a lot of writing going on! Make sure the pen you choose is comfortable to hold and is natural to use for long periods.

To help you along your journey to the perfect pen, we've spoken to our good friends over at Cult Pens, who are experts in this area and offer a great range to choose from. Here are some of their top picks:

plenty of ink
      to choose from to fill the fountain pens, and the rollerball comes with smooth-flowing, quick-drying gel ink. There's a lot more at Cult Pens in a variety of price ranges, styles and colours so you're sure to find your perfect pen match! What's even better, all of these great products work perfectly on Tree of Hearts stationery; from 'save the dates' to thank you cards, you're sure to create magic with a match made in heaven!

When done correctly, there's nothing better than a handwritten invitation. It will never fail to wow your wedding guests, family and friends and give them that feeling of being considered extra-special to you and your partner due to that personal touch. But, of course, if you're still unsure or would much rather leave it to a professional, we provide printed wedding stationery, so you're definitely in safe hands!

Whatever route your choose, I'm sure your wedding invitations will look beautiful and give your guests that wonderfully exciting wow factor.

Hannah x
at Dotty About Paper

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