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Ferris Wheel Press - Pens too, not just inks!

Ferris Wheel Press Pen in BlueWhen they arrived on the scene, their attention to design details made Ferris Wheel Press fountain pen inks an immediate hit. The beautifully round bottles, the intricate designs on the packaging, the inspiration from a combination of fairground rides and printing presses. People loved it all.

But what many have missed since then is that Ferris Wheel Press have turned that same eye for good design details to pens. They now make a small range of fountain pens and ink rollers, with the same quirkiness that so many people love in their inks.

Ferris Wheel Press pen in orangeTake the grip sections, for example. For most pens, the grip section is either plain, or maybe has some simple lines engraved into it to add some grip. Ferris Wheel Press have taken a different approach, reasoning that if there needs to be some sort of engraving done to improve the grip on that section, why not use grab the chance to make it look good too? Why just add some lines or a simple pattern when they can add a fancy and intricate custom pattern, inspired by vintage Underwood typewriters?

The fancy engraving doesn’t extend to the more basic plastic pens, but in pricing, these are competing with some of the most popular entry level pens from the big names like Lamy and Kaweco. And they make a very nice alternative for those who just want something a little more unusual.

As with most people, we mainly knew of Ferris Wheel Press for their inks, so we asked them what made them start making pens too. They told us:

Here at FWP, we are stationery lovers and we are constantly using writing instruments in our day to day. From project planning to creative ideation, the pen is at the forefront of what we do. In a world where digital technology often takes the spotlight, we are here on a boundless mission to create the most enchanting stationery imaginable. Through the magic of storytelling, we seek to inspire a newfound appreciation for stationery culture.

Ferris Wheel Press's first product was actually a fountain pen. The first version of the Brush Fountain Pen was created out of a passion to help the world fall in love with writing again. Our design philosophy is about creating beautiful objects that beg to be picked up and utilized, everyday.

At the heart of stationery culture rests the fountain pen. It is the most enjoyable tactile experience that helps us connect our hand, heart, and mind. In our mission to inspire an appreciation for stationery culture, we endeavour to create gorgeous writing instruments that inspire people to write, create, take action, starting with a pen that yearns to be picked up.

The story of the Ferris Wheel Press universe is continuing to be told with new adventures, experiences, and endearing characters that come to life through our products. From the intricate details on our writing instruments, to the hidden Easter eggs on our packages, our aim is to bring our customers on a joyful expedition and further their appreciation for stationery.

We believe a good fountain pen is one that is put to use. Our goal is to create stunning instruments that resonate with those who value life's finer details. Beyond using high-quality materials and careful crafting processes, our designs aim to bring joy through hidden details, making the act of writing a delightful experience that excites both new and experienced writers.

As we expand our product offerings, we're developing new styles, colors, and finishes. We're also introducing new nib options and enhanced functionality. Our objective is to provide accessible products that stand out in their price range, inspiring the next generation of stationery enthusiasts.

Join us on this journey, where we celebrate the beauty of writing, one pen at a time, with Ferris Wheel Press.

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