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DUX make pencil sharpeners. They’ve been doing it for a long time, in Germany, and they’re rather good at it. A lot of their designs reflect their long history, including their best known sharpener, the adjustable brass sharpener, which has been in production since 1953.

The GEDESS, their classic lead pointer design, mainly used for sharpening the leads in clutch pencils, is even older - it was first patented in 1939, and the current design has been in production since around 1944.

Other sharpeners in their range include sharpeners fitted into ink bottles, sharpeners in nostalgic Duroplast tubs (Duroplast is a close relative of Bakelite), and some handy little lead pointer tubs for clutch pencils.

Fit most DUX sharpeners
Tiny lead pointer for tiny leads!
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Solid, simple, tactile
Enables a super-sharp point
Substantial lead pointer for substantial leads!
Practical, stylish addition to any desk!
Nostalgically created from Duroplast
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Solid, simple and durable
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Supplied in a muslin draw-string bag
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Design reminiscent of old-fashioned sweet jars
Nostalgically created from Duroplast